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Precision ONe Ammunition manufactures NEW and REMANUFACTURED Ammunition.  Our company goals are to bring a consistent and accurate round to the marketplace.  Only top quality components such as the brass, powder, primer, and bullets are used in all of the manufacturing processes.  Most factory ammunition for the consumer is made with generic powders and broader tolerances.  Our products are developed for optimum accuracy and functionality with tighter tolerances using top name brand products.

OUR FACILITY:  We moved into our Manufacturing Facility in April of 2015.  It was built to be as "green" as possible for an ammunition manufacturer.  It is fully insulated and temperature controlled.  All the lighting is L.E.D.  and solar panels are to be installed in 2016.  We are trying to do our part as much as we can.

REMANUFACTURED AMMUNITION...There are many names for reman products...reloads, factory loaded, Like-New, etc....But lets call an apple an apple, a remanufactured round uses a fully reconditioned case.  You can call it what you like.

We recondition a fired cartridge 100%.  A typical reload is only done about 80%.  We roll size the base of the case which overlaps the resizing of the case to give you a fully reconditioned round.  


Our manufacturing process provides like-new ammo performance at a reduced cost.

PRECISION ONE inspects all cartridge cases for defects. We use Scharch Range Master machines. They are fully automated and cases are checked for any debris and pressure tested for any splits or cracks. Primers are removed, flash holes are cleared, and primer pockets are reamed to accept new primers.

PRECISION ONE cleans the cases with an organic base material which does not harm the environment.  During the whole process, the cases are cleaned at least 3 different times to get a clean, shiny product.  
PRECISION ONE full length sizes all cases on commercial ammunition designed machines to meet S.A.A.M.I. specifications. This method for commercial resizing ensures new component performance.

PRECISION ONE then loads these processed components on the same mechanical controlled Ammo Load machines as our premium NEW and SELF-DEFENSE ammo. These are the same machines used by some of the largest and most popular manufacturers in the industry. These machines assure S.A.A.M.I. specifications for priming depth, powder charge, bullet depth and overall cartridge length.

PRECISION ONES' new and remanufacturing process with new projectiles, powder and primers assures factory ammo performance that all discriminating shooters expect.  Give us a shot, you will not be disappointed.

All ammunition produced meets S.A.A.M.I.  requirements and is made for that particular caliber it is designed for. 

Precision ONe Ammunition is a fully licensed (Type 06 and 07 FFL and SOT holder) and insured company.  We appreciate feedback both positive and negative.  Please feel free to give us your opinion at any time.  We will take all responses to improve our relationships with our customers and to improve our company's success.

Give us a shot and you will be back for more.

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