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PRECISION ONE now offers brass processing.  We will check the brass for cracks, deprime, ream the pockets, and roll size the base of pistol calibers.  The reaming of the primer pockets and  the roll sizing of the base of the brass takes most of the stress off loading and ensures the case bulge is taken out (your progressive machine will run easier and you will have less primer problems in the loading process).  

We are always running different calibers, so please email or call to put in your order to process before sending out.  The brass goes through two cleaning processes--a rough polish to get the dirt off and a final polishing before sending out. You must have your brass separated before sending to us.  We do offer brass separating, a minimum of a 5 gal bucket is required.

It is always smart to keep the primer punch pin in when sizing the brass through the press.  We assume no liabilty for brass after it has been loaded.  Your brass will be the brass that you get back.  You are responsible to get it to our shop.  We will work the most economical way to get it back to you.

As of now, we offer the following calibers:

       Pistol $30 per 1000

                45 auto, 9mm, 40 s&w(10mm)

Coming Soon...

       223, 380 acp, 38 spec(357)

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