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.380 90 grain HP/XTP  w

We are now able to take pre-orders for the .380 90 grain HP/XTP to be shipped 11/01.*  

To make it easier on our shipping department, we are offering this pre-sale to ensure that all paperwork is complete to expedite shipping once the HP/XTP is manufactured.

We are trying to manage call volume, so if you're interested please send an email to with the number of boxes you would like ($27.99/50rd. box), your address and phone number, and we will calculate your shipping and total and call or email you as soon as possible to secure your order with credit card payment.  

We have not placed a limit on the order quantity at this time, so feel free to order as many as you'd like, as after this shipment, we do not know when they will be available again.

Please be patient, as our list is very long, but we will get back to you next week.

Along with this pre-sale, we are offering our 250-round Mega pack of .380 100 grain FMJ-NEW target rounds for $94.99 (saving $10).  Let me know if you're interested. 

If you do not pre-order, you will have the opportunity to place your order online toward the end of this month*.  Please check our website at that time for availability.

*While supplies last.


Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00 EST


Precision ONe Ammunition manufactures premium grade ammunition and accessories for all types of firearms.  Our products are expanding and if you do not see your product or caliber here, please ask and we will get back to you shortly.

If you are local or want to save on shipping, we can arrange for a pick-up at various locations in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

We here at Precision ONe Ammunition invite you to see the difference premium grade ammunition offers. We are a fully licensed and insured manufacturer of ammunition. We offer new and remanufactured ammunition, the loads are the same-the only difference is the brass.  Most of our products are loaded to full-power (not a standard target load), higher averaged velocities, and controlled recoil for faster target acquisition.  Our XTP Self-Defense rounds are loaded to peak power with a 'magnum type' powder.  Remanufactured ammunition can be more accurate than factory ammo, but is less expensive because of the recycled brass. All our pistol ammunition is remanufactured unless it is specified 'New'. We use a variety of powders in our calibers of ammunition to obtain optimum results.  One powder is not the best option for all the different calibers.  We know some other remanufacturers do this and we do NOT.  Please see our 'about us' and 'custom' ammunition pages. 

We value safety on the highest level.  There have been extra steps taken to ensure the highest quality and safety of our products.

I suggest you try our product once.  Purchase a small quantity to test out, and when you come back for more, then buy in larger quantities to save.  I will 'mix and match' products as long as the desired quantity or pricing is reached.  This will only be done for a limited time.  Please email us to let us know what you are looking for.

We have our products listed in other areas including an auction website.  They are all good sources for our products, however, our shipping rates are cheaper using our website because it is a corporate account and there are no credit card fees using our site.  You can get a shipping quote by logging in and putting specific items in the shopping cart.  Next, hit the check out and a shipping calculator is accessed.  If you are just looking for a quote, make sure you hit the cancel button or back browser after you are finished.

Please choose your desired destination on the menu to the left.

Thanks again for your consideration of the finest, premium quality ammunition.

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